Our community partnerships include:

Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc. – Alpha Nu Omega Chapter

Thank you for your support and dedication to the beautiful library at PLACE at Prescott; continuing the legacy of Dr. Ida Louise Jackson.

Berkeley Association of Realtors

Thank you for selecting FOPSL as a recipient of your very generous sponsorship grant of $1000.00. Your contributions will support FOPSL as we strive to achieve our mission. We appreciate that the members of B.A.R. have established a Youth Arts and Education Fund to support the education and wellbeing of children in the Bay Area.

Friends of Oakland Public Libraries

Thank you for your donations of books to OUSD libraries and your dedication to putting books in the hands of the children of Oakland.  Together we will provide every child in Oakland access to great books.

Faith Network

Thank you to the remarkable contribution of your volunteers that have adopted several OUSD libraries, assuming stewardship and providing invaluable service to the students at these schools, including Fruitvale, MLK and Emerson Elementary.

Greater Oakland Public Schools

Thank you for your contribution of volunteers and time spent restoring OUSD libraries.  Your energy and dedication to Roosevelt Middle School, cleaning, organizing and decorating, gave that library a tremendous boost in preparation of providing service to students this 2011/2012 school year.

Hillcrest Helps Out

Thank you to all your volunteers that have worked to restore OUSD libraries by donating books, organizing, cleaning, shelving, and decorating.  Restoring libraries is critical in OUSD, however opening these libraries and providing service to students is paramount to reaching our goals.  Your dedication to providing library services at Grass Valley Elementary is inspirational.

Kaiser Permanente

Thank you for the many volunteer hours spent working to bring OUSD libraries back to our students.  You are instrumental in contributing to our goal of providing access to quality school libraries.

Oakland Bay Area Links, Inc

Thank you to your devoted volunteers working to provide library services to the students at Marshall Elementary School.  Your dedication has provided these students access to a vital educational resource.

Oakland Literacy Coalition

Thank you for your generous support of FOPSL.   Our membership in the OLC continues to provide insight, visibly and opportunities to network, collaborate, and align goals with other community organizations working toward improving literacy for the children of Oakland.

Oakland Public Library Children/Teen Services

Thank you for your support and partnership on our National Leadership Grant application.  You provide inspiration, support and collaboration on a number of projects which share our common goal of putting books in the hands of Oakland’s children.

Oakland Schools Foundation

Thank you for the support you offer our organization as it continues the process of establishing the necessary infrastructure to accomplish our mission.

Oakland Unified School District

Thank you for your dedication to providing all OUSD students access to a quality school library.  We appreciate your efforts in keeping OUSD school libraries open and operating during these financially difficult times.   We are here to support you in these efforts.

Parent Organizations

Thank you to all the parents and parent organizations that volunteer in school libraries across Oakland.  Your dedication to providing students with this vital educational resource is commendable.

Super Stars Literacy

Thank you for supporting school libraries in the schools that you serve across OUSD.

Rogers Family Foundation

Thank you for your support of literacy based organizations and providing opportunities for FOPSL to gain visibility and momentum, as we establish our group as a strong proponent for bringing libraries, a vital resource,  back to the students of Oakland Public Schools.

Temple Sinai – People of the Book Literacy Project

Thank you for your commitment to OUSD school libraries.  Due to your contribution and dedication, hundreds of students in Oakland have access to a quality school library.

The Clorox Company

Thank you for your generosity and contribution toward keeping OUSD libraries clean and fresh.

The East Bay Children’s Book Project

Thank you for donating thousands of books to OUSD libraries. We also appreciate the mention on your website of our organization and of Ann Gallagher, OUSD District Librarian, who works tirelessly toward restoring and maintaining school libraries. Your efforts continue to contribute outstanding support toward insuring all students in OUSD have books in their school library.

The Focal Point

Thank you for the fantastic contribution of your volunteers in building shelves, organizing, decorating, and cleaning libraries, as well as, reading to students in honor of Dr. Seuss’s Birthday. Your contributions over the last two years at Garfield Elementary and Fruitvale Elementary and entering data at the District office were made even better by the group’s youthful spirit, energy and great sense of humor.

University of California, Office of the President Staff Assembly (OPSA)

Thank you for your generous contributions of California Young Reader Medal (CYRM) nominated books and donation that will provide additional CYRM selections to school libraries across Oakland.  Your support will impact literacy by enhancing school library collections with quality literature.

Volunteering for Oakland

Thank you for your continued support and insight as our organization continues to grow and gain momentum.  Your initial contributions of books and your annual Volunteer Fair have contributed greatly to the emergence of FOPSL.



  1. Thank you for your work! I knew you were out there but I was not totally conscious of all the amazing work that you have done! I would love to talk with you more deeply about library support at a hallmark OUSD high school…McClymonds…I have a vision of merging athleticism with literacy and using the library as the perfect zone for learning, leadership and excellence!

    again, thank you for your work!
    Peace and Blessings!

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