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Your contribution supports our work and directly impacts literacy in Oakland Unified School District by helping us provide access to quality literature, information and technology to all OUSD students.IMG_2765

Our work to advocate for District support and professional staffing depends on contributions like yours. Together we will ensure that every OUSD student has access to a quality school library. Thank you.

Click on the button below to make a tax deductible donation to Friends of the Oakland Public School Libraries.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. You will receive a receipt and a thank you letter for your donation.

To make a donation by mail, please send your check to Friends of the Oakland Public School Libraries, Attn: Elaine Wells, 6101 Chelton Dr. Oakland, CA 94611. Include your return address and we will send you a receipt for your records.  Thank you!

Our tax ID # 45-3190035

 Ways Your Dollars Support OUSD Libraries


Oakland kids want to read all the popular fiction titles, e.g., Diary of a Wimpy Kid, photo (45)as well as graphic novels and books in series. You can help put exciting, inspiring fiction and informative nonfiction titles in school libraries by donating to our BOOKS KIDS WANT TO READ FUND. Click on the Donation tab above. Write BKWR Fund on the “add specific instructions to seller” line. Your dollars will go directly to high quality library books.

If you are interested in directing your donation to a specific school library, write the name of the school in the memo line. We will send you confirmation that your donation purchased books for the designated library.  Thank you.

Books for the Oakland Technical High School Library 


Students, parents, staff and community members spend a Saturday in March cleaning the Oakland Tech library in preparation of new books.

You can help put popular young adult and informational texts on the library shelves Oakland Technical High School by donating to the Oakland Tech Fund. Simply click on the “Donate” button and write OT Library in the memo line. We will send you confirmation that your donation purchased books for “Oakland Tech.”  Thank you.


Ann Mayo Gallagher Scholarship


Ann Gallagher (left) retired as District Librarian for OUSD in 2016 after 9 years dedicated to improving library services for students and staff. FOPSL honors her work with our Ann Mayo Gallagher Scholarship.


To ensure OUSD students have access to a quality school library, FOPSL is promoting professional development for library staff by providing financial support through our Ann Mayo Gallagher Scholarship program. Donations to this fund will support our efforts to professionalize library staffing and programming.  Click on the Donation tab and write AMG Scholarship fund on the “add specific instructions to the seller” line.

Contact Kari Hatch, Executive Director for FOPSL
for more information.

Thank you for all you do to support OUSD school libraries.


We extend our appreciation to these Foundations, Businesses and Individuals for their generous support in 2017 and 2018

The Rogers Family Foundation  ~  The Elder Family Foundation
Jon and Connie Hartung  ~  The East Bay Community Foundation
The Kate Family Foundation  ~  Intel Volunteer Grant Program
PG&E Campaign for Community  ~  Kaiser Permanente Community Giving
SaveMart Supermarkets  ~  ~  Faith Network of East Bay                                  First Hebrew Congregation of Oakland  ~  As-Salam Mosque
Francine Shapiro and Robert Wells  ~  Charles Rath
Philip and Shantha Ursell  ~  Parent Teacher Organizations


Abby Cohn  ~ Alan and Kristina Chamorro  ~  Albert and Tina Longfield
Alicia Goldstein  ~  Anita Watkins  ~  Ann and John Gallagher
Anna Bizzack  ~  April May Jewelry  ~  Barbara and John Newhall
Beatrice Rodney  ~  Benjamin Suess  ~  Brenda Munoz
Buddington and Deloras Jones  ~  Carlon Tanner  ~ Carole Bremer
Dagmar and Gilbert Serota  ~  Daniel Marks  ~  David and Andrew Gunderman   David and Judith Kelsey  ~  Debra and Arthur Bakal
Devaki Chandra and John Kurlyan  ~  Dorothy and Harold Kunz, M.D.
Eileen Gallagher  ~  Elaine and Richard Wells  ~  Elizabeth Gallagher
Elizabeth and Steven Rosenberg   ~  Elizabeth Whitehouse
Ellen Edwards  ~  Elsa Pulido  ~  Eric Horodas
G. Wolfgang Fuhs  ~  Georg and Susan Fuhs  ~  Helen and Peter Hasselman
Hunter P. Harris  ~  Illuminati Waxworks  ~  Jack and Judy Higbie
Jack and Katie Gallagher  ~  James and Hebe Beard  ~  Jane Bokan
Jane Kreider  ~  Janet Arnold  ~  Janet Seelinger
Jarel Grant  ~  Jeni Paltiel  ~  Jo and Norm Budman  ~  JoAnne Ter Veer
John and Margaret Maloney  ~  John and Peggy Ahlbach
John and Varsha Pangos  ~  Jonathan and Tiffany Klein  ~  Joy and Jon Jacobs
Judith Duwainis  ~  Judith Goldman  ~  Judy Zollman and Marty Glick
Julio Ozores and Alexander Hauptman  ~  Karen Dauphin  ~  Karen Tallyn Dahl
Katherine Erickson  ~  Kathy Poly  ~  Kenneth and Susan Taylor
Kim Flom  ~  Lai Fong Tang  ~  Laurie Umeh  ~  Long Cool Hallway Writing
Marjorie Goodin  ~  Marguerite Rice  ~  Maria and Charles Cypher
Mark Whatley and Danuta Zaroda  ~  Mary Gage Herman  ~  
Maria D’Abate
Megan Gallagher  ~  Micaela Pronio  ~  Michael Mayo
Monica and John Marcone  ~  Nancy Rowell  ~  Natalie Van Tassel
Noemi Alvarado  ~  Patrick Hayashi  ~  Patsy Baynard  ~  Paula Gocker
Peter Busualto  ~  Phyllis Jones  ~  Rachel Medanic and David Watt
Rebecca Frediani  ~  Rebecca Wyke  ~  Richard and Joan Vargas
Richard Croghan and Ellen Snook  ~  Richard Schwartz and Tom Andrejko
Robert and Marilyn Rath  ~  Romer Stevenson  ~  Rulon and Cecile Linford
Sandra Hayashi  ~  Sanford Margolin  ~  Sara Klein  ~  Karen Smith
Sophie Silverstein  ~  Stanly and Constance Weisner  ~  Stanyan Vukovich
Stephanie Hatch  ~  Stephanie Wells  ~  Stephanie Woodbury
Stuart and Paula Campbell  ~  Susanna Gordon and Eli Rotenberg
Teri Schiesinger  ~ The Contradiction Jewelry  ~  Thomas Kaun
Teresa Mayo  ~  
William Wexelblatt

Donations Honoring the Memory of Dr. Charles Rath

Dagmar Serota  ~  Stuart and Paula Campbell  ~  Natalie Van Tassel
Jay Goldman  ~  Paul Wesley  ~  Judith Murphy
Deborah Brickman  ~  Jim and Terry Schaeffer  ~  Deborah Stauffer


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