21st Century Libraries

Today's libraries are vibrant, active spaces.

Digital and Print

School library systems throughout the country are coordinating with their public library systems to expand access to digital and print resources for all students. We can learn from these models.

Collaborative workspaces

No more “shushing.” Today’s students need to learn to work together. Furniture moves to encourage teamwork.


Today’s students are tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. Makerspaces encourage design thinking and real-world problem solving.

Community hubs

Libraries are social spaces where students enjoy:

  • Author visits
  • Book clubs and other clubs
  • Student government
Bad libraries build collections. Good libraries build services. Great libraries build community.
r. David Lankes
Library advocate

support our 21st Century
Library Grants

Our 21st century library grants fund book clubs, technology, maker space equipment and materials, and moveable furniture.