Dagmar Serota

Dagmar Serota

2019 Ann Mayo Gallagher Scholarship winner

Congratulations to Samantha Solomon, teacher-librarian extraordinaire at the Calvin Simmons Library, shared by Life Academy High School and United for Success Middle School. Samantha says, “FOPSL’s scholarship represents a unique support to OUSD employees who are seeking out library education. This scholarship opportunity makes a library education that much more accessible.”

After six years as a classroom teacher, Sam decided to pursue a career as a teacher-librarian. Her years in the classroom have provided her with valuable insights into how to collaborate with teachers to help students achieve their academic goals. Her years working with students as a teacher, provided the experience she needed to create a welcoming space where students can work, collaborate, relax and volunteer. As a library student, Sam learned how to curate a collection of books and materials that meet the needs of her diverse student population. Sam has focused on tailoring the user experience in her library, soliciting feedback from students and teachers to ensure the library is meeting her communities’ needs.

Thank you, Sam, for all the good work you do in the library at Calvin Simmons Library.

The Ann Mayo Gallagher Scholarship is offered to Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) teachers pursuing a library services credential and OUSD professional librarians pursuing a teaching credential. The scholarship is named after former District Librarian, Ann Mayo Gallagher, a founder of Friends of the Oakland Public School Libraries and a current Board member.

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